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27th of August 2016 at 11:24 PM
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Date Note Created Upon Purchase
Loan Amount $59.95
Monthly Payment $20
Interest Rate 10%
Number Of Months 3.05
Is Debt Secured Or Unsecured? Unsecured
Note Buyer's Discounted Price $40 cash discount
Yield at Desired Price 289.66% Yield to note buyer
Is Note Current, Delinquent or Not Yet Created? Current
Present Balance $59.95
Number Of Payments Remaing 3.05
Item Purchase Price $59.95
Down Payment $0.00


I bought my 1st house at age 21

Get the Simplified Buyer’s Guide™ for nothing down and make $100k buying and reselling just 1 house!

Digital Download

Buy and sell with seller financing and make $100k flipping just 1 house!

I used this information to purchase and resell 16 houses…

You get:

  1. the Simplified Buyer’s Guide™ eBook
  2. the audio file – I read the eBook to you and explain a real estate transaction
  3.  the FREE loan calculators / Note Yield Calculator / Cash Flow Sheet
  4.  step by step instructions on how to purchase and resell with seller financing
  5.  the information to include in your purchase offers

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