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25th of August 2016 at 2:59 PM
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Item Specifics
Date Note Created Not Yet Created
Loan Amount $30.00
Monthly Payment $10.00
Interest Rate 10%
Number Of Months 3.05
Is Debt Secured Or Unsecured? Unsecured
Note Buyer's Discounted Price $20.00
Yield at Desired Price 289.46 % Yield
Is Note Current, Delinquent or Not Yet Created? Not Yet Created
Present Balance $30.00
Number Of Payments Remaing 3.05
Item Purchase Price $30.00
Down Payment $0.00

Discounted Note Pre-Buy

Terms of Note:

Loan Amount: $30.00

Monthly Payment: $10.00

Interest Rate Per Annum: 10%

Number of Months: 3.05

Discounted Sale Price: $20.00

Item Originally Sold: Snowball Ice USB Microphone like new condition.

Yield to Note Buyer: 289% Yield on their investment if note payer pays all of the payments on time.

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